TIMELINE([Start Date, End Date])


TIMELINE(start date expression, end date expression, stop on current date (true or false, optional), timeline start field (optional), timeline end field (optional))

Special date function used for grouping data by date period, defined by start and end. Optional stop on the current date can be true or false to indicate if a timeline should be stopped at the current date. Optional timeline start and end fields are used to get min and max dates for date scale.

date expression: Date calculation created using date functions, data fields or constants.

Use cases

Protective Suit Development Timeline

Visualization on how protective suit was developed by status and date.

Source: History

History records related to production flow of implementing super hero protective suite feature

Start DateEnd DateStatus
03 Jan 2018 0010 Jan 2018In Development
10 Jan 2018 0013 Jan 2018Laboratory Testing
13 Jan 2018 0015 Jan 2018In Development
15 Jan 2018 0018 Jan 2018Battlefield Testing


Y: [Status]

X: DAY(TIMELINE([Start Date],[End Date]))

SIZE: COUNT([Row Number])

COLOR: [Status]


DAY(TIMELINE(Start Date,End Date))StatusCount of Records
3 Jan 2018In Development1
4 Jan 2018In Development1
5 Jan 2018In Development1
6 Jan 2018In Development1
7 Jan 2018In Development1
8 Jan 2018In Development1
9 Jan 2018In Development1
10 Jan 2018Laboratory Testing1
11 Jan 2018Laboratory Testing1
12 Jan 2018Laboratory Testing1
13 Jan 2018In Development1
14 Jan 2018In Development1
15 Jan 2018Battlefield Testing1
16 Jan 2018Battlefield Testing1
17 Jan 2018Battlefield Testing1